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From the very beginning, TRAVOIS has distinguished itself in the camper sector and thanks to the continuous research for the most suitable materials and the in-vestment in modern equipment and machinery, the company is able to produce various types of seats, including a large range of single seats, convertible seat-beds, all are equipped with 3 point seatbelts. In addition, TRAVOIS also produces, swivel seat bases, and composite floors with integrated rails. TRAVOIS can also customize any products to meet our customer’s needs. 

Current production technologies, together with continuous product research, have allowed a strong expansion in foreign markets with production guarantees which are in line with the strictest international regulations.

All seats are tested and approved in the various classes, ranging from M1 to N3. TRAVOIS is equipped with a very modern facility for static-dynamic and pull test-ing which allows for on site verification of industry standards including all the R14 and R17 tests.